Home Inspection

Home Inspection, why is it important? 

     Whether you are moving into or moving out of a home, your home inspection report is a tool that will be of great value to you.  A qualified home inspector combs a property’s visible and accessible areas to identify any health and safety problems, positive or negative conditions of the property and any conditions that need further specialized attention.  This report is convenient for sellers to prepare their homes and helps buyers gain valuable knowledge of their new home.  We’ve included a list of inspectors we have worked with in the past to help prepare your future plans for home buying or home selling. 

                                   Home Inspectors

1. Neal Peter
Central Prairie Home Inspection 
Phone: 515-329-0410
E-mail: npeter@centralprairieinspection.com
Website: http://www.homegauge.com/shgi/CentralPrairie/

2. Dan Hagman
ProSite Home Inspections / Radon Testing
Phone: 515.229.2342
E-mail: danhagman@outlook.com

3. Hugh Meade 
National Property Inspections 
Phone:  515-991-9167 
E-mail:  hughmeadenpi@centurylink.net 
Website: http://npiweb.com/meade 

4. Albert Bustillos
Iowa Home Inspections
Phone: 515-478-3053
E-mail: Iowahomeinspections.dsm@gmail.com
Website: www.iowahomeinspections.com

      A water pipeline inspection is recommended for properties built before 1980 for health risk reasons. This is an additional cost and not included in the Home Inspection. Inspectors for water pipelines do not have access to lockbox keys like home inspectors do. When getting these two inspections done, make sure to schedule both on the same date and time.

                                 Sewer Services

1. Greenwood Sewer
Phone:  515-285-9713
Note: Scope work for main lines

2. Smith Sewer
Phone: 515-255-6063  
Note:  Scope work for main lines

                               Termite Inspection

1. Premier Pest Services
Phone: 515-276-5834